Additional Skilled Labor Available

Saving Time, money and stress by leasing current employees

As you know, it takes time to calculate hours, figure out payroll deductions, write the checks, and distribute the checks, not to mention filling out payroll forms and paying taxes. If you have a deadline, you can’t tell your staff they can’t get paid on time because you had to take care of a customer. You have to put in the extra hours and do both.

Now what if you or your employees make a tiny mistake, you have headaches dealing with government agencies trying to straighten it out not to mention the stress we all feel when we get one of THOSE letters from IRS or State Comptroller. And do we need to mention what happens when you terminate an employee only to get a letter from the State Agency regarding a claim for unemployment, or worse, the Department of Labor regarding a claim for overtime? Even one instance could cost you thousands of dollars in time and money, not to mention possible legal fees.

Finally, what happens when an employee quits, or you have to terminate for cause? You are left with a hole to fill and your precious time is spent looking for a replacement instead of tending to your business.

All that time and effort could be better spent working on growing your business.

When you lease your employees from Labor Force, we take all those headaches from you, leaving you the extra time to build and run your business. Plus, there are additional bonuses such as workmen’s compensation insurance, direct deposit for your staff and knowing that payroll is done right without any liabilities to you.

Labor Force can hire your existing staff as our employees and you can lease them back from us. If you have an employee that is ill or that you can’t work with, you simply tell us to fill the vacancy either for a day, a week or permanently. Whatever you need, we will do our best to fill.

We take the headaches and you get the time.